Day 1 – 30 Days of Healthier Habits

imageI’ll admit, I haven’t been consistent with my fitness and nutrition habits lately. So to jump back in, I’m going to be blogging for 30 days straight about a healthy habit that is a part of my journey. Feel free to send me suggestions. I’m down to try something new! 🙂

Day 1 – I vow to drink Shakeology daily. I find that on days when I skip Shakeology, I feel really sluggish. So I want to function at my best so that I have the motivation and energy to workout, spend time with the family, keep up with the house and not feel tired when I’m at work or working my home business. Coffee doesn’t do it for me. That energy only lasts for a few hours. Shakeology swill last all day long and there is no crashing feeling towards the end of the day.