5-Day Fire Starter Challenge

What is this 5-Day Fire Starter Challenge?

5 Day Fire Starter Healthy Eating Challenge

This is a free 5 day jump start diet that follows the Inferno meal plan provided in the TurboFire workout program! By participating in this challenge, you will:

  • receive a grocery list
  • receive a 1200 calorie meal plan for all 5 days, including 3 wholesome meals and 2 snacks (100-150 calories each)
  • participate in a private Facebook group on a daily basis by providing your workout and nutrition accountability
  • receive motivation, tips, and support from your coach(es)

There is no cost to join this challenge. However, you will be responsible for purchasing your own groceries.

Dedicate 100% of yourself to this challenge and you’ll become focused and on point with your diet and shed some immediate pounds! I’ve had people tell me they’ve been able to sleep better, learned to love healthier foods and even lost inches off their waist! It’s amazing what difference 5 days can make!

Are you ready to take the challenge?

Send me an email at tgiFrida@gmail.com to sign up.


“I did a test to see if I’d get results without working out and I lost 4 pounds during the first 2 days and kept it off. I thought I hit my plateau but there’s still room for improvement. I’m loving the yummy new foods & they’re quite filling.”

“Ive lost 7 pounds just in the past 7 days just from changing my diet and working out 5 days a week. Im totally excited to see all these changes getting ready to head my way. Thank you so much for being an inspiration to me and to others. Your a life saver!”

“I started eating cleaner. But this 5 day clean eating challenge has opened up new doors for me. I’m loving all the different healthy food & recipes. When I read through the recipes I think to myself, “Eh, it sounds like it’ll taste okay” But then when I actually try the foods they turn out yummo! And I’m glad my family is trying the foods out too.”

“I honestly thought the recipes weren’t going to just be mediocre and would probably lack flavor. Or that I would try them out once and that’s it…But boy was I wrong! (You know how when you see find recipes try them and they’re just blah?) Even my family enjoyed the foods. And these recipes are keepers. I will definitely be making these meals in the future.  I love how even though the recipes are simple, the food turns out so yummy! It was also nice seeing everyone’s participation, motivation, and pictures.”

“I definitely renewed my desire to cook more at home rather than leaving it mostly to my hubby, although he’s an awesome cook. Thanks Frida Gonzalez!

“I have noitced that Im not as tired as I was before and I actually sleep better and for a full 8 hrs. now!”

“I wasn’t use to having such a light breakfast I was so hungry and it was no where near lunch time. The snack helped but Frida asked if I was drinking enough water. I laughed and was like I am now!”

“This was the perfect kick start for me to get back on the healthy/fit train! The major problem for me is that I never learned how to cook or what to cook however the detail in this 5 day challenge from grocery list to daily step by step directions on exactly what and how to make the daily meals ans snacks was exactly what I needed.”