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5 Ways Moms Can Fit In A Workout

1. Workout before the kids wake up

As if we aren’t already sleep deprived! But believe me, setting up a new routine to get a workout done first thing in the morning will work wonders for the rest of your day. You will be knocking it out first thing in the morning, eliminating any further procrastination on getting ANY workout done at all.  Once you have your workout completed, you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day! Your will be charged with energy, pride and ready to conquer your day!

2. Workout at home!

Why waste time going to the gym? You know you don’t have time to get ready to go to the gym, drive to the gym, wait for others to get off the gym equipment, drive back home, etc.

I used to be a “gym rat” (a frequent gym go-er) and after entering motherhood there was no way that I could possibly fit that back into my lifestyle, especially while nursing. So I turned to workout DVDs. I never had much faith in workout DVDs before, so I went for something intense just to make sure I’m spending money on something that works (Insanity). Now, I’m convinced. Workout DVDs are lifesavers and are now my preferred method to working out (as a mom of 3 kids). Sure, it may not seem as motivating as going to the gym would be, but the key to this is to find a workout buddy, group or coach online that is familiar with the program that you are doing. Commit to reporting online or by text daily. Being able to talk to others that you can relate to or that have had success with the program can be really motivating. Even just looking at transformation photos and articles on a regular basis can help push you to keep going with your workouts.

Overall, utilizing workout DVDs can save you so much time and frustration. Once you find the opportunity to workout, perhaps during an unexpected nap time, just head straight to your TV and pop in a workout DVD. You don’t even have to bother getting on your workout clothes. WHO CARES! Workout in your pajamas, dress, underwear! You won’t be in public, so wear what you would normally wear around the house and sneak in a quick workout without the hassle of getting ready.

3. Let the kids join you

If the kids won’t let you have any “me-time”, let them join you! It can be a fun, learning experience for them. As a parent, you are setting a good example for them. They will be more likely to adopt a healthier lifestyle if they see that it is a part of your routine.

I know, you probably think this is a crazy suggestion. But I’ve done this with all 3 of my kids! They’ve all been distractions, cheerleaders, workout buddies and coaches.

As toddlers, they would usually climb on top of me, crawl through my legs, etc. Rather than classifying them as a distraction, I took it on as an added workout challenge for my benefit. So if they climbed on top of me, that was added weights/resistance. If they climbed through my legs or ran around me in circles, I just had to be more focused in my movements and modify the moves to the space they provided me. Sometimes my kids would serve water to me when they thought I needed it or high-five me when they knew I did a tough exercise. They would surprise me sometimes too by copying the workout moves and ask me if I think they were doing a good job.

When my kids were babies, they watched me in their bouncer, swing, carseat, walker, jumparoo and while they were drinking a bottle. If I had the music from my workout program playing loud, they would usually fall asleep right away. If they cried and giving them a bottle wouldn’t work, I would pick them up and workout with them in my arms (while modifying the moves, of course). The movements would sometimes make them fall asleep too and so I would eventually be able to continue the rest of my workout as normal afterwards. If not, oh well… I tried. That’s better than not trying at all 🙂  The first few times may be difficult, but after some time they will get used to the routine and know that everyone and everything is okay.

4.  Have a dance party!

Who doesn’t love a dance party!? Turn up the music and have some fun with the kids! Get creative. Do some silly moves. Pick them up and spin around. Do the hokey pokey. Jump around. Not only will you be sweating after a few minutes, but you’ll create an awesome bond, create happy moments they’ll remember and earn your “cool mom” points!

5. Set up a moms workout group

Many moms get together for playdates, so why not get together for workout dates? Pitch in for a neighborhood sitter to watch the kids while you all have a workout party at home! I’ve seen many moms workout to DVDs at home together. Either take turns bringing out those DVDs that are just collecting dust or try out the latest workouts that others seem to be talking about.

Can I Exercise If I Am On My Period?

Your Period is Not an Excuse to Skip a WorkoutOften times I hear women telling me that they haven’t worked out lately because of their menstruation. I actually started seeing this back in junior high and high school when other girls would come in to gym class requesting to sit on the side benches during the entire class because of their period. Some even came in with their parent’s note with that excuse. Really?! That wasn’t fair at all and I always thought that having a period was just pure nature and something that we as females just had to get adjusted to. Plus, I think what those parents just did was set a trend to where their daughters just believed it was an excuse that they can use throughout life. I know, there are probably traditional/cultural reasons for that. But why let it stand in the way of us doing things? It’s JUST a leak, we don’t become handicapped and WE as women are much stronger than that!

Sure, some women suffer from cramps, but from experience that’s when working out can be very beneficial (this excludes women with severe cramps/extreme medical conditions). Exercising during a menstrual cycle can help to alleviate the pain and pressure that we sometimes feel. It provides plenty of relief because it gets the blood flowing through the body and releases endorphins which are natural painkillers. 🙂 When I workout during my period, I have very little to no pain at all. In months where I’ve have not worked out at all, those are the times that I’ve had the most uncomfortable periods! Naturally, I came to the conclusion that inactivity makes menstrual symptoms worse. In addition to the painful cramps, the cravings for junk food was even worse too!

So, my biggest tip for today is to cut the excuses and get your workout done! It’ll help you feel less cranky, minimize your cravings, keep you more focused on eating healthy, minimize your cramps, and HELLO… you’ll have a MUCH better week!

So what’s your excuse? If you’re on your period, I challenge you to overcome the laziness and just exercise! Comment below if you have or have not been working out during your period. I’m interested to know your experiences on this.