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P90X3 Workout & Freebies

P90X3 Fitness Program - Now Available

P90X3 is finally here! Now you can get ripped in just 30 minutes a day!

Have you ever seen those P90X3 results? Now it’s even easier to achieve since it’ll only take you half the time. P90X3 combines a highly structured, plateau-busting schedule with an unprecedented variety of moves that help keep every muscle challenged for 30 minutes of full-throttle intensity. It’s a whole workout in half the time.

Get ripped in 30 minutes a day, using Tony Horton’s breakthrough Muscle Acceleration system. Now you’ll always have the time to work out—and you can burn fat and build lean muscle faster than ever.

When you order P90X3 through me, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING, a FREE bonus workout DVD “On One Leg” (a $19.95 value) and a premium-quality P90X3 hat (a $24.95 value)……. and of course, you’ll get me as your coach too!

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P90X3 – The Release Countdown!

Yes, I’m counting down the days until P90X3 comes out (December 10, 2013)! And I’ll admit, I’m doing it quite obsessively, so I might as well have my own ticker and share it with you. Shoot, I LOVE P90X, but I just can’t stand how long the workouts are… which is why I hesitate to workout as much to it as I know I really should. This new P90X3 is going to put that excuse to rest since the workouts will ONLY be 30 minutes long, instead of 60 or 60+. Seriously, it felt like FOREVER whenever I did the regular P90X and P90X2. Great workouts, seriously.. but the timing just doesn’t cut it for this busy working wife and mom of 3.

Anyway, message me if you want to be notified of the official release. I won’t doubt the fact that this will sell out fast. Timing seems to be the biggest excuse for everyone… but not anymore!

*This will make a perfect gift for yourself or for your loved ones!

OOOH, and don’t forget to bookmark this page or even just make it the homepage on your browser so you can stop using your brain cells to do all the counting!

P90X3 Coming Soon!

P90x3 Transformations

P90X3 Results - Christine

P90X3 Transformation - Jeremy

P90X3 Video Tease

Free Tony Horton Workouts

Please enjoy these free Tony Horton exercise videos, use them as many times as you want and don’t forget to pay it forward by sharing them with others who could use the motivation!  Don’t forget to sign up at www.CoachFrida.com to get access to a supportive community and get additional tips and tools for exercise and nutrition. Don’t know who Tony Horton is? He’s the mastermind behind P90X!

Please send me an email if you have any questions about any of these videos or need help picking out the right program to meet your fitness goals.


Haven’t worked out in a while? This first video is a perfect start to getting back into exercising.

In this video, follow Tony Horton as he does a  fat blasting workout featuring some of  his favorite training moves! This intense, but quick workout will surely have you burning calories!

Melt your legs with these 5 simple moves in just 10 minutes! 🙂

You’re going to suck at this workout, but it’s a start! Drop the excuses!

I sometimes hear people say that they can’t do a certain workout because they’re not strong, flexible or coordinated enough, etc. Those excuses are exactly that…JUST EXCUSES!

When working out, the goal is to get fit and improve your physical abilities over time. It’s definitely not expected that you’re going to be a pro at P90X® (for example) the first time that you put the DVDs in. That’s going to take some time.

So no matter what it is that you WANT to do… give yourself a chance…you’ve gotta stop putting yourself down and allow yourself to grow! It’s all in your mind. Just get in there and do it! And if you need that extra push, let me know… I’m here for you!

P90X, TurboFire and Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Packs FREE for 30 days!

Holy cow! I can’t believe I can finally offer these programs to you at a trial basis! I hope this at least encourages you to find the willpower to get up and workout if you haven’t been doing so. =)

So here’s how it goes…

It’s a challenge pack that comes with the workout program, Shakeology and a club membership to the Team BeachBody site. Normally the challenge packs for P90X and TurboFire would cost $205 up front and Brazil Butt Lift for $160, but now you can try it out by just paying $14.95 for the shipping & handling!

If within the 30 days you find that these programs are not for you, then you are welcome to return the challenge pack. This way, you can at least satisfy your curiosity about whether these programs work or not. BUT, I have really have yet to run into a customer that does actually return the program.

If you purchase a challenge packs through me, you’ll not only have me as your coach, but you’ll also qualify to be a part of one of my challenge groups! Motivation is soooo hard to find if you haven’t worked out in a while, so sticking to a routine may be hard. This is where my challenge groups come in. Everyone in the group is working towards a similar goal, working out everyday, working on their nutrition, learning from each other and motivating each other.

Please contact me at tgifrida@gmail.com if you have any questions. Otherwise, you can get your challenge pack by going to www.CoachFrida.com, click on Shop, then on the left you should find a link that says “Trial Offers”.

Try P90X, Brazil Butt Lift, TurboFire for FREE